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  • Valerie Killifer

Operator Spotlight: Moe's Southwest Grill (Tampa, FL)

As the director of catering for Moe’s Southwest Grill, Martha Harris relies on DeliverThat to execute catering orders for the company’s 11 Florida-based Moe’s Southwest Grill locations. The partnership means paying less money for car insurance and decreased spending on payroll.

Franchise operators Guy Campbell has owned the locations since 2007 and Martha has been instrumental in training both their lead driver and additional ones. The training process was easy, she said, because she relied on photos of catering spreads to help teach each driver about proper setups.

“Once the lead driver went on his own, he sent me a photo to make sure everything was correct,” she said. “From there, the lead would follow the same process with the other new drivers so we could see how they were doing the setups and giving feedback based on those photos.”

Martha said the photos actually help protect the brand from customers who claim orders were delivered with items missing.

“It keeps us safe because if a customer says they never got something, we have photograph proof,” she said. “Having the photo really helps us from having to give unnecessary discounts.”

Her favorite delivery story involves a DeliverThat driver, a unicorn and a text message.

“One of the drivers sent me an animated text image of a unicorn that said, ‘Thank you so much, Martha. You’re the best!’ This is because I send him a huge order that included a big tip. But from that order he won a contest with DeliverThat that included a cash prize,” she said. “Using DeliverThat does save time when dispatch is able to locate a driver. It’s good to have them as a backup so they can communicate with the driver.”

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