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Monthly Setup Picture Contest

The Set-up Picture Contest is a fun competition between all DeliverThat’s drivers nationwide. The contest is a great way to earn some extra cash and amazing prizes each month. The company blacks out the driver’s names, cities and names of restaurants, and the DeliverThat internal staff votes solely on the quality of the pictures! We look for the best of the best within each month! We love to see our drivers continue to strive for the best set up and DeliverThat enjoys rewarding drivers for their amazing work and we are proud to announce the winners each month.

The contest takes place through Slack, with pictures posted from all off the drivers from every territory, throughout the month. Every delivery driver, in every city has a chance to win! All it takes is a phenomenal set-up picture dropped in the driver’s territory slack channel with the name of the restaurant. On the last Friday of each month, the DeliverThat internal team votes on the top five (5) favorites and three (3) top Honorable Mention winners. Once voting has occurred, the winners are revealed nationwide via the announcement channel, in Slack, usually between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., congratulating the winners and announcing all of the amazing prizes!

The prizes, you say? Let’s talk about those. First (1st) place winners receive $200.00, two (2) DeliverThat Bags, and one (1) DeliverThat Hat. Second (2nd) place winners receive $100.00, one (1) DeliverThat Bag, and one (1) DeliverThat Hat. Third (3rd) place winners earn $100.00 and one (1) DeliverThat bag. Fourth (4th) place wins $50.00, one (1) DeliverThat bag, and one (1) DeliverThat Hat. Lastly, our fifth (5th) place winners receive $50.00 and one (1) DeliverThat bag. We cannot forget to reward our Honorable Mention winners with one (1) DeliverThat T-shirt each. If our first-place winner shared the delivery, the cash prize will be split evenly, with $100.00 going to each winner. They also will receive two (2) DeliverThat Bags, and one (1) DeliverThat Hat. The Set-up Picture Contest is all about DeliverThat Drivers.

Seeing the amazing set-ups, the different restaurants, and the hard work our drivers put into each gig is reason enough for DeliverThat to reward everyone each month. DeliverThat cannot be at every set-up and the set-up pictures allows us to “DeliverThat” vicariously through our drivers.

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