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Driver Spotlight: Dimitrius Ollarvia

Since June 2019 Dimitrius Ollarvia has been a driver for DeliverThat, leading the Las Vegas market in terms of restaurant catering delivery. As the owner of another business at night and a part-time, stay-at-home dad, Dimitrius finds his work with DeliverThat allows him to have the best of all worlds.

As a lead driver for Las Vegas, Dimitrius sometimes operates as the go-between between other drivers and the DeliverThat dispatch team. This enables him to quickly problem-solve if issues arise.

“I think we could really dominate the Las Vegas market and I’ve educated half of the driver fleet out here. I let the other drivers know that anytime they have an issue, they can call me first and I’ll see if I can help or if I can get in touch with dispatch to help. I definitely want to help them as best as possible,” he said. “I don’t want to see a frustrated driver out on a delivery because their demeanor will change when they’re with a customer. The drivers here are hungry and they want to see this company succeed. I just want to make sure this market gets off on the right foot.”

Dimitrius got his start in customer service as a former employee for Walt Disney World, where he first served as a ride operator. He ultimately became a guest services coordinator and he credits that experience for teaching him how to lead and galvanize others.

“I want to inspire people and give them confidence,” he said.

His favorite DeliverThat experience was a delivery he made to a children's cancer research clinic during the week of Thanksgiving. The facility cares for children with cancer regardless of their parents’ ability to pay for services.

“I wished I could donate money out of my pocket right then and there,” he said. “I walked down this one hallway that had glass windows and I saw the children playing, and I had to hold it together. I knew how they felt because my brother had cancer and being there was something that hit home for me. I wish and hope and pray those kids can heal and get out there and get on with the rest of their lives.”

Dimitrius’ brother is now 42 and the experience enhanced their relationship.

“Now, I do everything I can with my brother because I don’t ever want anything to go unsaid or be left undone,” he said.

Dimitrius also has found balance in terms of his work commitments and spending time with his three children. Between help with homework, arts and crafts, video gaming, and sports, his time has become evenly divided.

“That’s how you live a life of balance,” he said. “We all live in such a technological era that I try to keep my kids’ active and doing what they enjoy. We’re really family oriented and I want to keep it that way. I like working with DeliverThat because it gives me the freedom to do a multitude of things.”

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