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Resolving Compensation Issues

As a DeliverThat Catering Delivery Driver, you are expected to receive your weekly disbursements every Wednesday. Throughout the week of delivering catering orders, there are sometimes unexpected issues that arise. Some of these payment issues that DeliverThat Catering Drivers have experienced are missing compensation, inaccurate compensation, missing incentives, and longer restaurant wait times, to name a few.

DeliverThat understands that no ones like to have their money messed with, which is why we provide a resource for drivers to resolve these issues. For immediate support, DeliverThat catering delivery drivers are able to contact DeliverThat's Driver Relations department (781) 781-7488. By contacting DeliverThat's Driver Relations, catering delivery drivers will be able to speak with a friendly representative who will be able to identify and aid in the resolution of the payment issue.During this initial contact with DeliverThat's Driver Relations team, no immediate action will be able to take place as Driver Relations does not directly handle DeliverThat catering driver compensation. Once the compensation issue has been identified, a DeliverThat Driver Relations team member will pass along the proper information to DeliverThat's Accounting team. This will ensure that the solution is communicated and the right compensation is processed.

For non-urgent compensation issues, DeliverThat catering drivers are able to directly respond to their disbursement summaries, that includes detailed data on the catering delivery driver's previous weeks’ catering deliveries. By responding to the disbursement summary e-mail, a response e-mail will be sent to, which immediately will be forwarded to DeliverThat's Accounting Department. From here, the compensation issue will be identified by both DeliverThat's Driver Relations team as well as DeliverThat's Accounting Department to ensure that the payment is processed.

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