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Breakfast Delivery Call-off Policy

DeliverThat’s breakfast delivery call-off policy was created with the restaurant's best interest in mind. When a restaurant catering delivery becomes available for a breakfast order, this is a huge opportunity for both the restaurant and DeliverThat Drivers.

If a DeliverThat driver has a delivery before 9 a.m. local time, you cannot drop it off after 8 p.m. without it being considered as a LATE CALL OFF. When a catering delivery driver cancels or "calls-off" a breakfast delivery in the middle of the night, it is nearly impossible for DeliverThat's dispatch teams to find a driver to cover the breakfast catering delivery that early in the morning. The call-off time parameters were determined by the typical availability of DeliverThat's restaurant catering driver fleet. If the delivery must be called off inside of the late call-off window, then the catering delivery driver must call into the hotline to discuss the situation. DeliverThat will not be able to waive a late call off unless proof of necessity is provided. Bottom line, if you agree to take a restaurant breakfast catering delivery, make sure you can fulfill the obligation.

DeliverThat driver hotline (833) 781-7880

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