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Best Practices for Operators for Catering Delivery

Catering Delivery Submission

DeliverThat offers an easy, streamlined service to submit your catering deliveries. Upon signing a service agreement with DeliverThat, each partner receives a brand-specific submission form. This submission form requests some basic information from the restaurant partner to ensure our dispatch team and drivers are set up for success when executing each brands’ deliveries and set-ups. It is important to realize the importance of each required field on the submission form, and to understand what can happen when these areas are left blank or filled out incorrectly.

Whether you are a catering manager, store manager, owner, or operator, DeliverThat understands the restaurant industry is a busy one. With this being said, it is important not to rush through the submission form and risk a mishap when delivery time comes. We suggest setting a time each day to submit any deliveries you may have received. This ensures that deliveries are being submitted to DeliverThat in advance, which helps the dispatch team route and assign deliveries effectively. This also helps ensure the accuracy of the submission, and faster confirmation response times from DeliverThat.

So what happens when the submission form is not filled out completely and correctly? The short answer is delay. Inaccurate addresses, order costs, and contact information has a snowball effect on deliveries. If the address does not include a suite number, for example, the driver will not be able to locate the customer. If this is the case, and the contact information is not correct, the delays can be even more severe. With order costs, a $120.60 delivery is very different from a $1260.00 delivery. On the larger delivery, our dispatch team will assign multiple drivers and add a buffer time to load the food. These are examples of issues that directly affect timing, and we all know that timing is the difference between a happy client and a client complaint.

The best way to ensure deliveries are being submitted to DeliverThat with accurate information is to review the confirmation emails. With every submission, the submitter will receive an email with an order number - this is a receipt. The information provided in the email will directly reflect the submission, so this is an easy way to double check any and all submissions for accuracy. To stay organized, it is good practice to create an email folder to house these “receipts”. This gives restaurant partners an easy way to revisit active deliveries and check for accuracy.

DeliverThat understands that mistakes will happen, and has set procedures for when issues arise. In the event a restaurant submits incorrect delivery information, or has any changes to make on an order, they can contact the DeliverThat dispatch team at 833-781-7880. The dispatch team will happily make any changes to orders as requested. The earlier these discrepancies are identified and communicated, the easier it is for the dispatch team to address. Do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager or dispatch when issues occur - we are here to help!

At the end of the day, it is worth it to take an extra few minutes when submitting deliveries to check for accuracy and complete the entire submission form. Taking the time up front can mean an entirely different experience for the client, the delivery driver, and the partnership as a whole.

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