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  • Lisa Hendershott

Be Thankful, Merry and Winterize

It’s that time again! Winter is right around the corner! Cold weather is coming, whether we like it or not! There are exciting events to look forward to and some things we all need to do to prepare for the seasons. Naturally, we are pumped for the holidays, turkey, family and friends. Who does not want to eat all the yummy goodness of the seasons? Yet, we usually do not want to drive in the blizzards which come our way.

Holiday volume, with DeliverThat, is something to expect an increase with daily. Thanksgiving through the New Year deliveries drastically multiply, as this is caterings busiest season. Preparing for the volume should happen now with DeliverThat and all of the catering drivers. Referring drivers to DeliverThat to earn the referral bonus and perfectly stacking deliveries is a great way to start preparing for the large volume through the holidays.

In preparation for the holidays, it also helps to be well prepared for the winter. Winterizing your car is a great step in the right direction. Here are a few tips to winterize your car for the upcoming season:

Have your car serviced for winter conditions. Switch to winter tires. Check and maintain tire pressure. Check changing temperatures - this could affect traction on roads. Install winter windshield wipers. Keep windshield washer fluid full. Pack a winter safety kit. Keep the gas tank at least half full. Keep the rear-window defroster in working order. Learn a winter emergency preparedness. Learn how to drive in winter conditions (if never driven before).

For more information on these tips, you can visit Bridgestone’s website. Their eleven ways to help you prepare your car for the winter are extremely helpful.

In addition to ensuring the safety of your car, remember, not every person on the road knows how to drive in the winter. Allowing yourself extra time for your deliveries is the best tip. Leave an extra fifteen (15) to twenty (20) minutes earlier than normal. Start your car with plenty of time for it to defrost and warm up, to ensure car issues will not be a concern the day of the delivery. Dress appropriate for the season. Winter is cold! Carry an extra set of jumper cables in your car and an extra bag of “salt” in your trunk for tricky parking situations. Slush and ice can be just as dangerous as other drivers. Being well prepared is the only way to make it through the colder seasons.

Be safe during the holidays! Eat delicious food, stay warm and drive safe! Remember, more deliveries to come! DeliverThat! DeliveringMore!

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