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Operator Testimonial: Big Plan Group’s Moe’s Southwest Grill

For nearly two years, Pittsburgh-based Big Plan Group has partnered with DeliverThat to drop off and set up catering orders for their seven Moe’s Southwest Grill franchise locations. DeliverThat was chosen based on the company’s clarity of communication, accountability, reliability, and transparency, all important facets of the company’s growing operation.

“Partnering with a third-party service is something many restaurants are moving toward for many reasons,” said Danielle Greco, director of catering sales for Big Plan Group’s Moe’s Southwest Grill. “Difficulty staffing, cost savings and having the ability to grow are just a few. It’s a decision that requires a lot of homework about your partner to ensure that your product is being cared for just as you would if you delivering the product yourself.”

Greco recognizes that it’s nearly impossible to have 100% order accuracy, which is why having a third-party partner that is invested in delivery success makes DeliverThat a great match for the brand.

“The important part is working with your delivery partner to communicate clearly and effectively what went wrong, how do we fix it and what we can do to prevent it in the future,” Greco said. “DeliverThat has been very receptive to issues that have happened and what we do moving forward to prevent.”

The Moe’s franchise team has weekly status calls with their DeliverThat account manager, a detail that both teams attributes to their delivery success.

“We talk about what happened during the week on both teams, prepare for anything coming up the following week and discuss how we can continue to give the best service we can give, together,” Greco said. “One thing that makes DeliverThat stand out from their competitors is they have new drivers go out with a ‘lead driver’ prior to starting, so they are able to see the set up and how everything works. This has helped with consistency. While setting up a catering order isn't the most difficult job, each restaurant has expectations on how they want their product displayed.”

Meeting brand and customer expectations, and working as a team, are the key components of DeliverThat’s partnership with the Moe’s franchise system.

“We believe and instill in our restaurants that our third-party partners are part of our team, even though we don't sign their checks,” Greco said. “We want to be sure we are treating everyone with the same respect because at the end of the day, they represent our brand. We have been able to build some solid relationships with the drivers through this mentality and in turn, they want and do a great job for us.”

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