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Driver Spotlight: Charles Highgate

As one of the first drivers in the Detroit market for DeliverThat, Charles Highgate has spent the last year developing relationships with the restaurant catering clients he serves. As an eternal optimist, Highgate views his work as a DeliverThat driver as a way to “deliver smiles and happiness to people every day.”

Delivery is, in fact, part of Highgate’s life as he serves as an international courier as well as a driver for DeliverThat.

With a focus on flexibility, DeliverThat provides a way for its drivers to choose their own schedule. This allows for drivers to work when it’s convenient for them, picking up as many delivery jobs as possible.

“Other than the money, I love delivering happiness and teaching others how to get easy income for their household as drivers. I have recommended DeliverThat to many people and most join our team,” Highgate said. “The flexibility and money is fantastic for anyone at any stage of life. Deliveries are consistent and not very difficult or time consuming at all.”

Highgate was paired with company brand manager Jim Dehnke when he started with DeliverThat Detroit. Dehnke spent an afternoon educating Highgate about delivery for catering by making delivery runs with him. In total, Highgate’s onboarding process took about a month and he is now one of the best drivers in the Detroit area.

He has built trust among company employees and among the restaurant clients he serves. In fact, one of his favorite stories involves a large Qdoba catering delivery order that totaled $1,200.

“The assistant manager knew me well and was excited knowing I could handle this large of a delivery. The General Manager did not know me and was amazed I could handle such a large catering alone with my two carts,” Highgate said. “The order was going to a charter high school and everyone was very helpful when I arrived with unloading and set up. With everyone working together, we were able to make a beautiful set up as a team. When they went to sign the paperwork, they returned it to me with a $169 gratuity. In the customer service business, not everyone tips, but when you give great service and a beautiful set up things generally work out.”

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