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DeliverThat Driver Hotline

The most useful tool when it comes to driving with DeliverThat? The Driver Hotline.

The DeliverThat Driver Hotline was launched in 2018 and is designed to be the direct connect to DeliverThat's team of dispatchers. Utilize this tool to make your deliveries as smooth as possible!

What is the DeliverThat Driver Hotline? The Hotline is a toll-free phone number that can be called or texted 24/7. On the other end of the Hotline is a team of trained professional dispatchers, here to help you -- day or night -- with any questions that may come up during a delivery.

Some of the most common practices for the DeliverThat Driver Hotline is calling or texting when a restaurant is running behind on an order. This is vital information that our dispatch team needs to know. If we are alerted that the restaurant is running behind, we are then able to contact the customer to keep them up to date of your estimated time of arrival.

Another great use of the DeliverThat hotline is calling or texting if you are unable to locate the pickup or drop-off location. We are all humans and sometimes during the delivery submission process, incorrect addresses can be input into the system. Luckily, our team of dispatchers are here to help. Call or text the hotline to inform them you are having trouble locating the pickup or drop-off location. Once that occurs, we can contact the restaurant or customer to get you, the driver, where you need to go!

One of the most important uses of the hotline is to report cancellations or call-offs. Things happen and issues arise. If, by any means, a driver needs to call off of a delivery due to an emergency, call or text the hotline and our team of dispatchers will be sure to find a replacement driver.

If you ever call into the hotline and a dispatcher is inaccessible, stay on hold and the next available agent will be sure to assist. If you happen to call in after hours, feel free to shoot a text to the hotline and we will be able to view the text as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the DeliverThat Driver Hotline is unable to receive pictures via text messages. If you ever attempt to send a photo, we will not be able to view it. A simple workaround is to send the image into slack.

Don't have slack? Visit the link below to download!


Interested in learning more about slack? Read the slack blog post below! Slack, how it helps you!

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