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Stacked Deliveries

What is a "Stacked Delivery"?

A stacked delivery is picking up two or more deliveries with staggered pickup and drop-off times. DeliverThat classifies this as a "Stacked Delivery" because you have to "stack" the pickup and drop-off in the correct order. This is a vital step. If done incorrectly the deliveries will be late.

For example, delivery A has a pickup time of 11:00 Am and a drop-off time of :12:00 PM. You see another delivery (B) come into VROMO with a pickup time of 11:30 AM and a drop-off of time of 12:15 PM.

Is this a possible "Stacked Delivery"?

A couple of factors we need to look at before we know that this "Stacked Delivery" is possible.

1. Distance from pickup to drop-off.

- If the time it take for delivery "A" pickup to drop-off has you close to 12:00 PM, it will be tough to pull off another deliver in between.

- If there seems to be enough time, or extra time allotted for this delivery, we may be able to stack another delivery in between.

2. Size of the order.

- The overall size of the order plays a huge role into knowing if a stacked delivery is possible.

- Factoring in how much food you will be handling will either slow you down or speed you up. If the cost of order A exceeds $500 it may be tough to pull off a "stacked delivery". If the order cost of order A and B are less that $300, you should be able to handle this amount of food with ease.

3. Pickup and Drop-off locations.

- If the locations of delivery A and delivery B are on opposite sides of town, more than likely a stacked delivery will not be possible.

- If the pickup location for delivery B is on the way to the drop-off location of delivery A, with proper information, a stacked delivery should be possible.

- Drop-off locations are the deciding factor. If the drop-off locations are nowhere near each other, this stacked delivery is not possible.

Stacking deliveries maximizes your time as a driver and ultimately maximizes your income with DeliverThat. Perfecting "Stacked Deliveries" is not easy but with repetition, stacking deliveries can become the normal for an experienced driver!

If you are ever unsure about your deliveries and if they are stack-able, don't hesitate to reach out to the Driver Hotline for quick guidance. (338) 781-7880

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