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Driver Highlight: Doc & Jay

Today we are featuring Charles "Doc" Obermeyer and Jay Dupy, two friends that often team up on large caterings to deliver exceptional customer service in St. Louis, MO.

Doc & Jay on a $5,600 delivery!

In June of 2018, DeliverThat began operations in St. Louis via a partnership with QDOBA Mexican Eats. That July, Doc learned of an education session hosted by DeliverThat while browsing Facebook. The purpose of the session was to promote driver opportunities in St. Louis, and to educate drivers on how deliveries specific to QDOBA will be conducted. Doc decided to attend, and shortly after the education session and follow-up interview, Doc began driving for DeliverThat. Excited about his new gig, Doc informed Jay of the opportunity, who then shadowed Doc prior to the pair becoming Lead Drivers.

Thirteen months later, Doc and Jay deliver more food than any other driver in St. Louis! Although they mainly do their own deliveries, they often find themselves tackling the larger ones together. "We love the challenge of the big orders" said Doc, "the first time we worked together was a $2,400 delivery to a youth organization downtown. The pair have also managed to build quite the reputation among local customers, with many of them requesting Doc and Jay by name upon placing their orders. "Even restaurant managers contact us directly sometimes, asking that we accept and deliver one of they larger orders for them," added Jay. When you take a look at their work (below), it isn't hard to see why both parties want these two handling the delivery process.


Everyone on the DeliverThat team is very aware of the great work being done by Doc and Jay, and are very proud to have them as Lead Drivers in one of our busiest metropolitan areas. We are all looking forward to our continued success in St. Louis, and we owe a great deal of it to this exceptional pair. Keep up the great work!


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