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Partner Spotlight: Rose's Catering

For the past 15 years Rose's Catering has been serving up a breakfast and lunch menu with dishes designed and tested by Head Chef and Owner Ryan Desselles. Based out of Phoenix, AZ, Ryan and the Rose's Catering team provide the entire metropolitan area, known as the "Valley of the Sun" with lunch favorites like bourbon chicken, and the self-proclaimed "Best Hot Breakfast in Phoenix." After paying multiple visits to Ryan and his kitchen, the DeliverThat team is happy to confirm it is that good.

While Rose's Catering launched in 2004, Ryan's culinary experience dates back 37 years to his days as a chef in the United States Navy, where he and his team of cooks were responsible for feeding upwards of 5,200 men each day. Ryan is proud to mention that the discipline and organizational skills he learned via his military experience has played an invaluable role in the success of Rose's Catering. With his $10 per plate pricing remaining the same since their open in 2004, it is clear to see that the Navy instilled a great sense of tradition as well.

From 2004 to 2018, Rose's Catering hit the ground running. Filling orders every day of the week, Ryan and his team established themselves as one of the premier caterers in the greater Phoenix area. As is the case with all businesses; there was room for improvement. Prior to 2018, Ryan and his team completed the delivery and setup of each order in addition to the cooking and preparation, with a fleet of vehicles purchased and maintained by Ryan himself. Despite fantastic organization and discipline, there were days when the Rose's Catering team was spread thin, and Ryan could not fulfill every order placed. After running the numbers, Ryan learned that Rose's was turning down $14,000 worth of caterings per year. This lead to Ryan reaching out to ezCater for support, who in turn referred him to DeliverThat.

Always thinking of the client, Ryan wanted to ensure quality when trusting outside drivers with the food he is so passionate about. DeliverThat answered the call, ensuring the quality of food on each and every delivery. Impressed by the professionalism and care taken by the DeliverThat team, after just a few weeks Ryan was able to sell the majority of his delivery vehicle fleet, and his staff was able to remain in the kitchen and fill additional orders. In fact, since beginning his partnership with DeliverThat, the $14k per year of turned-down business has shrunk to just $3,000 in addition to a 100% on-time delivery rating (via ezCater). Ryan is currently in the process of selling the remainder of his fleet and "entrusting DeliverThat as Rose's Catering's exclusive delivery service." DeliverThat is looking forward to our growing partnership with Ryan, and we are proud to be along-side a veteran-operated business.


To learn more about Rose's Catering, please click the linked image below, or navigate to their ezCater page at https://www.ezcater.com/catering/roses-catering-phoenix.

Rose's Catering

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