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2018 National Restaurant Association Show Recap

What a week! The DeliverThat team traveled to Chicago Illinois to attended the 2018 National Restaurant Association show. Going into the show the team knew that this was hosted at a large convention center but large was an understatement. Spanning over three different wings of the building, the McCormick Convention Center houses 2.6 million square footage of exhibition space, three days at the show was still not enough time for the team to scour every isle of the show.

Day 1

Upon arrival in the windy city, the DeliverThat team hit the ground running attending a small seminar at "The Water Cooler" that discussed the topic of off premises trends and its impact on fast casual dining. CEO Aaron Hoffman was handed the mic to discuss some trends that DeliverThat has witnessed first hand and how DeliverThat is managing and working through some of the problems that restaurants are facing.

Day 2

After getting a feel for the NRA Show on day one, the team was ready to take the bull by the horns on day two.

Another seminar was held at "The Water Cooler" with the topic of 3rd Party Delivery & What it means. This topic was right up DeliverThat's alley, CSO Alessandro Migliuolo addressed the crowd about potential issues with other 3rd Party Services, accompanied by CEO Aaron Hoffman giving a bit more insight on DeliverThat's services.

Following the seminar, DeliverThat hit the show floor, breaking up into teams to scour the exhibition floor, maximizing the connections they could make, the team had huge success on day two. Meeting, greeting, and exchanging business cards with tons of people in the restaurant world that would pay off in the days to come.

Day 3: Happy Hour Event

The original reason DeliverThat traveled to Chicago was to host a happy hour event at the ezCater booth. Due to certain rules at the NRA show there was absolutely no alcohol allowed on the show floor, UNLESS the convention center supplied the alcohol. Capitalizing on the day of the show and the time of day, the sight of alcohol to most show goers was enough to draw in potential partners. Supplying ice cold beverages to thirsty passersby mingling was easy to come by.

DeliverThat would like to thank ezCater for allowing us to come out and host the event at their booth and can definitely say we cant wait for next Year! Follow Deliverthat on all social media sites to watch the journey!

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