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Meet Our Newest Executive: Darien Terrell

The newest team member of DeliverThat, Darien Terrell is a very exciting addition. We are thrilled to have such a motivated and talented individual join the DeliverThat team. There are many qualities about Darien that make him a perfect fit. From the short time Darien has been on-board with the DeliverThat company, he has proven to be invaluable with his innovative ideas and superior work ethic. Darien went to college at Eastern Michigan University via an athletic scholarship to play football. During his time playing football for Eastern Michigan he learned a lot about himself and how to tackle (pun intended) challenges head on. Darien has said that his time playing football at Eastern Michigan taught him “How to utilize his outgoing personality, strong work ethic, discipline, and desire to continuously grow. Self-motivated, detail oriented, and always willing to put in the extra effort to ensure success, A strong team player, but also work well independently with the ability and confidence to think strategically and make challenging decisions”. The aforementioned qualities Darien acquired through his life experiences makes him invaluable to DeliverThat and the DeliverThat brand. Darien has demonstrated time and time again that he places the value of team and leadership above all else.The most exciting thing I learned about Darien when speaking with him about his positive qualities was that he was awarded the “Team Award” from Eastern Michigan University, while playing football. This award is given to players who “put the team and university first while performing at a high level on the field”. In my mind, there is a better compliment someone can receive as it clearly displays what priorities are important to Darien. It's reassuring to know that Darien will always be looking out for the greater good of the DeliverThat company and brand. Unfortunately for Darien, he was injured while playing football at Eastern Michigan otherwise he might be playing professionally somewhere. The injury was so severe that it pretty much forced him into retirement from football for the rest of his collegiate career. Darien's most fond memory of his days playing football was “Having the ability to come out of medical retirement my senior year and be a part of the senior class that made it to the first bowl game in 30 years. We wanted to be the class to change the culture and the program before we left”. If the aforementioned quote doesn't scream leadership and dedication than nothing will. DeliverThat has the utmost confidence that he's bringing those very qualities with him to our team of dedicated executives.

Welcome Mr. Terrell, we hope you enjoy working with us as much as we will enjoy working with a leader such as yourself.

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