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  • David Hoffman

Week in Review: 1/29/2018

The week of 1/29 was an exciting one per usual! From fulfilling deliveries in a blizzard to launching a new market, there hasn’t been a dull moment. Expansion was at the forefront of our collective mind as we launched our new territory, Indianapolis. Indianapolis offers such a unique opportunity for not only potential drivers, but for restaurant partners in general. The city is flooded with professional buildings and other catering hotspots. It’s no wonder why we’ve been able to flourish and start fulfilling orders here in just under two weeks!

In addition to this launch, we’ve also brought on numerous other partners, such as Moe’s Southwest Grill in Pittsburgh & McAlister’s Deli in Columbus.

It’s another week in the books for us and we’re going to continue progressing forward. We have zero intentions in slowing down our aggressive expansion and look forward to serving each one of our respective communities every day.

Interested in becoming a driver? Visit here to fill out a registration. Interested in growing your catering business? Visit here.

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