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Meet Onfleet - DeliverThat’s Logistics Solution

DeliverThat's logistics management software provider, Onfleet, has achieved a distinguished milestone of ten million deliveries. This delivery milestone is a benchmark that warrants a tremendous amount of recognition. Onfleet struck the one million delivery milestone previously in early 2016. Under two years time, that number has increased tenfold. You ask how? It’s companies, like DeliverThat, that have leveraged the software’s capability. DeliverThat is proud to have such a committed company powering each and every one of its deliveries. DeliverThat and Onfleet prosper by virtue of their symbiotic collaboration with one another. The more success DeliverThat achieves, the more Onfleet benefits.

Onfleet provides DeliverThat the ability to focus on the most relevant aspect of its service, the delivery. Perfecting and refining how deliveries are done from start to finish has only been made possible by the software designed by Onfleet. The flexibility of Onfleet's software can be seen in its scalability as it to the needs of the company. DeliverThat has leveraged this scalable solution by expanding into new territories and recruiting more drivers. From estimated delivery completion times provided to users to its in-app chat feature available for drivers, Onfleet provides a robust platform to ensure that DeliverThat is providing an exceptional experience for its customers from start to finish.

2018 will be an exciting year for both Onfleet and DeliverThat. DeliverThat has increased its business 30 fold subsequent to early 2016 due to Onfleet's software. DeliverThat is thankful that Onfleet has been with them from the early beginning and looks forward to growing alongside one another. DeliverThat and Onfleet have very exciting futures on the horizon, and it's no surprise both companies have met lofty milestones while working together. DeliverThat looks forward to continuing its symbiotic relationship with Onfleet and prospering together.

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