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DeliverThat co-Founder: John Zinno

As one of the founders of DeliverThat, John Zinno has helped forge the foundation of which DeliverThat was built upon. His hard work and dedication have been welcomed and embraced by all of those he has hired and helped train. There is a passion for success that lies deep within John and it's seen readily apparent by all, regardless of the task at hand. The aptitude for business John possesses is fundamental in growing the DeliverThat franchise that he helped create. John not only managed to help create a business that satisfies a niche market unmet; however, he managed to do this while still being a college student. It's quite fascinating to think that the largest growing catering delivery service in Northeast Ohio was started by those in school at Athens, Ohio.

A typical day for John begins by “waking up and making some coffee”. After Johns caffeine fix is met he begins by reviewing past days events with the CEO of the company Aaron Hoffman. Once John and Aaron have reviewed past days events they look toward the future. Once the days tasks have been met in regards to filling orders and seeing that they're delivered properly other business takes precedence. Talk of expansion and business acquisition are fervent with the desire to see it done rather than continually talk about it. One thing DeliverThat has taken notice of is the work ethic of the two at the top leading those willing to follow. It's a difficult thing to start and operate a business from a college dormitory; however, it was done successfully and now bears fruit. Inspiration can come in many forms and today's form is Mr. Zinno himself.

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