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  • David Hoffman

The Odds: Forever in Good Favor

Midst our infancy, we were a modest delivery company servicing our only location in Athens, Ohio. We dispatched and transported food and other miscellaneous items to college students and local residents. Although being a student isn't the wealthiest of professions, we sustained enough business to help facilitate the cost of our schooling. In the commencement, it was a very elementary idea, deliver to others what they themselves don't feel like obtaining. We thought, “lets make the lives of those who are busy a little less complicated”; therefore, we marketed our business to college kids in Athens and before we even knew it, DeliverThat was born. Although our business today caters towards a different market than deliveries for college students (a pun was intended with the catering reference by the way, as it's what we do now), we will at no time neglect how that precious ember was stoked. We are obliged to personally thank those that supported us in our incunabulum. Your patronage has bolstered our growth and precipitated a passion unlike innumerable others.

Last year was an astonishing year for our company. Tremendous strides were taken in all facets and forms of our company. We desire to continue building with the same fervor this year. In the aforementioned year of 2017 alone, we facilitated the transfer of over $2.1 Million worth of catered food. As climatic as last year may have appeared to us, it's finished. We are on to the considerable and exceptional task of having a better year than that of our last. The reason for all of the excitement lies in the wake of our expansion. We will be moving into six major markets this year along with a bevy of excitement to follow. With over $10 Million in catered food expected to be delivered in 2018, as well as the inauguration of six new areas, the possibilities are endless.

Finally, to the alluring part of this exposition; what does our future hold? What our future holds is entirely up to us and I can confidently declare to the passion and drive behind those leading this company. It's without a doubt, that the fate of this entity bides solely in the hands of those who know what they're doing and what they want to attain. We look forward to the challenge that lies ahead. We look forward to meeting it head on with all of the fervor we can muster.


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