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QDOBA Mexican Eats: Meet Chad Brooks

If you're searching for something other than pizza or sandwiches for your next event look no further. QDOBA Mexican Eats build-your-own catering packages offers something that everyone will love. We were able to sit down with the Pittsburgh Qdoba Franchisee, Chad Brooks, to discuss his history with QDOBA and the recent partnership with DeliverThat.

Chad was first introduced to the restaurant industry at a young age, “My parents were restaurant franchisees in Oklahoma of a regional pizza chain called Mazzio’s Pizza. I spent summers and breaks working there.". As he progressed through college he knew the restaurant industry was where he belonged. 15 years ago in 2002, Chad opened his first QDOBA on the campus of The University of Pittsburgh, “I have had a lifelong passion for Mexican food. All the way back to when I was 4 years old. I discovered the large Mission-style burritos when I lived in San Francisco and always said if I could find a chain that did those right I would go back into the family business.” To date, Chad’s QDOBAs employ over 100 people and has earned numerous awards for his success in Pittsburgh.

DeliverThat has been working with the Pittsburgh QDOBA franchises for just over 2 months. During that time we've experienced nothing but success and Chad couldn't agree more, "It has been a great partnership. We are keenly focused on growing our catering business and they help with one of the biggest challenges that we face." When Chad was asked what makes DeliverThat different than your run of the mill delivery company he quickly explained, "I am not familiar with many but I would say the personal connection is key for me. I have my local guy, Alessandro, who I work with very closely every day to make sure we get it right and are always improving."

So what's the big picture in Chad's eyes? “My goal is to be DeliverThat's largest and best partner. I'm excited to grow our catering business measurably over the coming 12 months".


Interested in becoming a restaurant partner? Click here for more information

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