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Meet ezCater: Business Catering Made ez

Whether you're a pharmaceutical sales professional treating your clients or in charge of the office lunch, ezCater has you covered. With over 57,000 restaurants nationwide, you should have no problem finding the exact type of food that hits the spot. We were able to sit down with ezCater's Third-party delivery operator, Jules Konjoian, to discuss the history of ezCater and their partnership with DeliverThat.

EzCater was born in August of 2007 out of Boston, Massachusetts. The concept was simple, there needed to be a better way for busy professionals to order food quickly and easily for their weekly meetings. "Our co-founders saw a huge need for an easier way for business people to order food for meetings, and ezCater was born", Jules explained. As ezCater continued to grow they quickly realized that they needed to hire the best talent. Today, ezCater employs 275 people that handle everything from customer service to catering optimization. "ezCater is a true culture-first organization. I get to work with brilliant people who love what they do and support one another every single day". It's no wonder why The Boston Business Journal named ezCater one of the best places to work in the greater Boston area.

DeliverThat has been working with ezCater for just over 4 months. During that time we've experienced nothing but success and ezCater couldn't agree more, "The partnership has been fantastic. DeliverThat quickly proved themselves to be a partner we could trust and rely on. They understand what it takes to provide an optimal delivery experience for our customers and have been wonderful to work with thus far". Besides fulfilling order requests for restaurants that use ezCater, DeliverThat also helps add new restaurants to their platform.

When Jules was asked what makes DeliverThat different than your run of the mill delivery

company she quickly explained, "DeliverThat is willing to go above and beyond for our customers, no matter what the issue may be. They don’t merely hire drivers who can pick up and deliver food, but rather seek out drivers who they know will represent our catering partners as if they were delivering the food themselves."

So what's the big picture? We want to grow collectively with ezCater. As more & more restaurants tap into catering they're going to soon realize the benefits of this platform. Utilizing ezCater & DeliverThat will not only increase business, but will also increase your restaurant's productivity. The bottom line is simple, we want to empower restaurants to focus on what matters most, their food.


Interested in learning more about ezCater? Visit their website here

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