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August Recap

Fall is quickly approaching and so are the holidays. Stay up to date with everything that has happened with DeliverThat in this month's recap.


Pittsburgh Expansion

DeliverThat is already getting to work in the new location as we went live September 1. We are working with multiple restaurants from Southside up to Cranberry. If you own a restaurant, catering is a great way to expand your business. To learn more visit our website or click here.

We are always looking for DeliverThat partners to drive with us. This is the perfect gig for any student at Pitt, CMU, or any other surrounding college. Pick your own schedule, deliveries only take an average of 30 minutes. If you have any questions about driving or are interested in joining our team, click here.

Milestone Achieved

On August 31st we hit $1,000,000 of catering delivered for the year, with roughly $600,000 of that coming within the last 3 months. We wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without our dedicated restaurant partners, professional network of drivers, and hard working management team. We look to continue our growth into the fall and winter months.

Join Our Team

With new locations and increased partners, DeliverThat needs a bigger team. We are hiring catering drivers in the Canton, Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, & Pittsburgh areas. We ask that you have a reliable car, valid drivers license, and display professionalism. We are also accepting applicants for territory manager and talent acquisition specialist positions. To apply, click here.

Rewards Program

Don't forget about our rewards program. If you are a business that hosts frequent luncheons or a sales rep that treats clients to regular lunches, the rewards program is a great way to save money. Save $25 for every $500 of food ordered. Our rewards program is free to sign up for and takes about 30 seconds. To sign up for our rewards program, click here.

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