• Aaron Hoffman

Milestone: $1,000,000 of Catering Delivered

DeliverThat has come a long way from when John and I started a few years ago. We’ve added 2 full time territory directors, partnered with numerous corporate and franchised restaurants, and have opened 5 different operating locations.

On September 1st we hit $1,000,000 in catering delivered for the year, over $600,000 of that was delivered in the last 3 months. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without our dedicated restaurant & corporate partners, our management team, and our professional driving network.

Behind closed doors we are constantly working on our process, contracting professional drivers, partnering with the best restaurants, and always growing from within. We look forward to continue this success day in and day out. Who’s ready to join us on our journey to the next million?

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