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Proper Pig Smokehouse Spotlight: Meet Shane Vidovic

Pictured: Shane Vidovic (left) and partner, Ted Dupaski (right) at one of their newly founded restaurants in Mentor.

Proper Pig Smokehouse was founded by two friends, Shane Vidovic and Ted Dupaski.

The duo started their company out of a food truck in 2014 and have watched their business grow into two restaurants in the recent years. Despite the success, they stay true to their roots as they continue to do business out of the food truck that started it all. Located in Mentor and Lakewood, this is a restaurant you must try. We recently sat down with

Co-owner Shane Vidovic to talk about Proper Pig Smokehouse and their partnership with DeliverThat. When asked how Proper Pig handled catering prior to the partnering with DeliverThat, Shane described it as, "a real pain." Shane went on to explain that he and Ted would try and take care of the catering orders but it became too much for just two people to handle on their own. Since DeliverThat stepped in, the process has made it a lot easier on them. Now they have time to run their restaurant without the overwhelming responsibility of bringing their food everywhere all at once. DeliverThat has been able increase the amount of catering business Proper Pig Smokehouse does each week.

Proper Pig Smokehouse started using DeliverThat within the past year for catering orders. Shane was asked how Proper Pig has changed since partnering with DeliverThat, he went on to say, "We do a lot more catering now. It used to be me and Ted taking care of the orders. Now we don't need to worry about catering and that makes it a lot easier on our end." Proper Pig and DeliverThat's partnership formed in the last year and Shane said, "We enjoy having DeliverThat a lot. They make it a lot easier on us and help us grow our business to a new market. We look forward to continue growing together."


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