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  • Nate Mallue

Benefits of a Business Luncheon

Many people view lunch as a break to eat, but a good lunch can positively impact the workplace beyond the lunch break. There are many reasons to consider catering lunch for the workplace. It could be for a celebration, a thank, a get to know you, or even a boost of productivity. Whatever the reason may be, here are some good reasons to cater.



Does everyone in the office scatter when lunch time comes around? Some people may go out to lunch while others eat in. After lunch the day may drag on with everyone on different schedules and in different moods. Bringing in a lunch for the office is convenient so everyone can enjoy a good meal, not have to scatter, and get back to their busy schedules in a better mood.


Increased Productivity

Offering a meal to workers has increased employee satisfaction ratings in the workplace. A simple lunch can have a major affect on a business. When employees are happy, more work tends to get done in the building. A good, free meal for employees will improve productivity and keep employees happy throughout the day.


Get to Know Coworkers

Everyone is busy during the work day and may not have time to sit and share good conversations with coworkers. Maybe you are only close with the people in your department. Sitting down for a meal with fellow employees creates an opportunity to learn more about coworkers outside of the workplace. A closer knit group of employees increases the chemistry in the work environment.


Happy Workers

You know you get grumpy when you are hungry. Don't let that happen to your office. Who isn't in a great mood after a free lunch? This goes back to companies having higher employee satisfaction ratings for treating their workers with food and other fun activities. Adjusting the basic routine in the office can change a workers attitude. Supplying lunch makes everyone happy and you won't have to deal with those grumpy people. When you have happy workers more gets done around the workplace.


There are many benefits when catering lunch for the workplace. Convenience, increased production, getting to know coworkers, and having happy workers are just a few benefits. Try catering yourself and see the difference in your workplace.

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