Understanding the DeliverThat Fleet

Types of Drivers

  • Takeout

    • 1 Delivery Bag​

    • Minimal catering knowledge 

  • Catering

    • 3 Delivery Bags​

    • Experienced with catering

  • Catering Lead

    • View deliveries 1 hour before other drivers​

    • Completed at least 50 successful catering deliveries

    • Handle VIP clients and large orders

Advanced Order Submissions

Plan Ahead with Our Experienced Drivers

  • Catering leads tend to accept deliveries well in advance

    • (24 - 72 hours)

  • Our most experienced drivers plan ahead

  • Deliveries submitted under 90-minute notice will become available to all DeliverThat delivery drivers

Consistent Delivery Submissions 

Treat Our Drivers Like Your Own

  • Consistent income for drivers will equate to consistent quality for your customers

  • Whether you have 1 or 1000 deliveries per day our fleet can handle any amount of volume, as long as that volume is consistent

Delivery Details

The More Information, The Better

  • Collect as much information from the client as possible.

  • Business name, drop off instructions, secondary contact information are all vital to a successful delivery.

  • Secondary customer phone numbers bring tremendous value when the client is busy or away from their phone at the time of delivery.

Packing The Order

You Make the Food, We Deliver

  • DeliverThat drivers will not have information regarding the contents of the order.

  • Restaurant staff is held accountable for giving DeliverThat drivers the correct completed order

  • Please review the contents of the order with the driver to ensure the order is correct.

  • Sign the drivers app to confirm all order contents have been handed to the driver. If items are left behind, this will be at the fault of the restaurant.