How can we help?


How do I become a caterer?

Click here and fill out the "Partner With Us" form. Once that is completed a DeliverThat representative will contact you within 48 hours.

How do I get on your online ordering menus?

Provide us with your menu and we will do the rest. We do require a slight discount on the food. The reason we do this is to offer incentives through our rewards program to individuals who order catering on a regular basis.

How much money will I really save?

Between cutting wage related expenses regarding your drivers, increasing store productivity, & having the ability to make more orders, you can expect your bottom line to increase dramatically. Some of our restaurants have doubled their catering sales by utilizing our service to the fullest.

How large of an order will you deliver?

Doesn't matter the size or distance, we will deliver wherever you need it to go. However, orders over $1,000 may require two drivers. We add on an additional $15 per extra driver. This fee is just to cover what we pay the driver.


How do I apply?

You're not actually applying for the position, you're just registering to be a part of our delivery network. If you click here you can fill out the registration form.

What kind of schedule will I work?

That's up to you. You can deliver part time, full time, or anytime. Naturally, the drivers who go above and beyond will have more opportunities to take deliveries.

What are the requirments?

All of this info is on our "Become a Driver" page. To visit that page, please click here.

How much will I make?

Once again, that's up for you to decide. We've had drivers make over $600 in a week before.

Do I have to have my own car?

Yes you will need to have your own car. We expect your vehicle to be clean on the outside & spotless on the inside.

Is there a dress code?

Our partnered restaurants all require professional quality drivers. They want clean cut, prompt, top notch drivers. In order to deliver for them, you will need to wear a DeliverThat t-shirt, a polo shirt, or a collared dress shirt. You will also be expected to wear either khakis, slacks, or khaki shorts. Lastly, you will need to have closed toed shoes.