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We partner with Restaurants, Marketplaces, Grocers, and Ghost Kitchens, fulfilling catering deliveries with the same, if not better, quality than brands can do themselves for a fraction of the price.

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Partnering with DeliverThat will not only increase your bottom line by allowing your restaurants to capture every single catering order; but it will also allow your employees to stay focused on the guests within your four walls. Our professional fleet of drivers ensure on-time and on-brand deliveries, helping build brand loyalty between you and your customers. 

Looking to Grow Your Catering Business? 

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Niche Business Model

No one in the industry has the niche catering delivery model we do. And, we've been delivering success to clients for years. 

Fleet of Professional Drivers

Our culture highlights our drivers and celebrates them as people. Pay, appearance standards, and higher tiers of clients are all things our drivers look for when selecting a catering-specific platform. 

Flat Rate Delivery Fee Structure

Which you can pass on to the client (a portion or the entire fee) if you so choose. 

Live Team of Customer Service Experts

Based at the headquarters in Canton, OH. Drivers and clients have around the clock support. 

Fully Integrated

With ezCater, OLO, Bringg, VROMO, burq, foodee, Cater Curator, Nash, XpressRun, and many more to come. 

Since 2018, the DeliverThat team has been dedicated to taking our orders, no matter the volume! Their professional drivers not only ensure our guests receive their food on time, but they also set up when needed. In addition to our food, they deliver on our brand’s promise.

Rebecca R. Operations Services Manager

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