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DeliverThat, a national last-mile delivery service - recognized as the industry leader in restaurant catering delivery and setup – has proactively invested in restaurant technology to meet the increasing demand for catering. DeliverThat is helping restaurants increase their bottom line, while at the same time, taking pressure off the restaurants during this tight labor market. 

DeliverThat’s team of internal experts, drivers and technology are delivering SUCCESS, giving restaurants the opportunity to accept 100% of catering orders, 100% of the time.



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Luna Grill, a 52-unit restaurant concept, offering fresh Mediterranean food, was having to turn down catering orders during their prime lunchtime hours (12-1:30) because they did not have drivers to make the deliveries. 


During the lunch and dinner hours, our operational focus is on the in-restaurant guest, so sending a team member out to make deliveries during this time was difficult.  By partnering with DeliverThat we were able to overcome that opportunity and drive additional revenue especially during lunch which is a high-volume time for catering.

Kevin Reading, Corporate Director of Catering



Reading had found success using DeliverThat at a previous 750-unit restaurant concept and knew they were the answer to the problem. 

“When I moved from one restaurant group to another one of my first calls was to DeliverThat. I knew that partnering with DeliverThat would provide our restaurants with a reliable and professional team of drivers and assist in our ability to drive catering growth. DeliverThat has been a great partner over the years, and I look forward to our continued relationship,” indicated Reading.

When Reading joined Luna Grill in 2020, not only was the restaurant facing delivery challenges but it was amidst the pandemic. 

“When restaurants re-opened after the pandemic it was a challenge just to staff to open the restaurants for dining. By partnering with DeliverThat we were able to eliminate the need to try and find drivers which eased the stress on our GMs,” added Reading.


As the preferred catering delivery partner, DeliverThat was able to get Luna Grill back to even with their 2019 sales by the end of 2021. This would have never happened without the DeliverThat partnership.


In 2022, DeliverThat further helped Luna Grill see a 30% increase in catering sales over 2021.


As for 2023, Luna Grill is forecasting an additional 15% sales increase over and above 2022.

We have been able to help Luna Grill make an impact on their business because it is a true partnership. They do what they do best, prepare fresh, delicious food, on time, every time and we deliver and set it up for their clients who are expecting a flawless execution.

Darien Terrell, Chief Executive Officer

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Interested in learning how DeliverThat can deliver SUCCESS to your restaurant?

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