Catering Delivery Compensation

Base Delivery

A delivery that is equal to or under $100 will pay a base delivery commission of $7.00. Will pay an additional 1 cent per $1 of order cost between $100-$599. Any $1 of order cost over $600 will pay an additional  $.0133 cents.

Extra Mileage Commission

A delivery that is equal to or under 10 miles will pay $0 in extra mileage commission. We will pay an additional $1 per mile for any delivery that is over 10 miles. Mileage is calculated based on the shortest distance stated in google maps from the pickup location to the drop off location.


There are 3 forms of gratuity on the DeliverThat platform. Pre-tip, post-tip, and tip pool. To better understand the differences and reasoning behind our policies, visit the Delivery Gratuity Page here.

Surge Commission

Some deliveries qualify for a surge commission, this is typically $7.50 per delivery.


Varies per delivery. Please review our adjustments section in the Driver Assistance Portal.


Driver deductions range from tardiness to 'no showing' a delivery. Please review our deduction list here.