Safety & Guidance behind the wheel

Our Commitment to Drivers

Partnering with DeliverThat means working with the best. Working together to improve delivery times, maintain a fluid and productive operation, and keep customers satisfied.

New Technology 

Digital Restaurant Signature

An added safety feature for our drivers is the use of a digital signature from the restaurant; making sure that the correct food is ready to be delivered. 

Upon departure from the dropoff location, drivers are required to photograph the setup. Ensuring all the food was delivered, taking responsibility away from the driver.

Document the Setup 

In App Navigtion

When an order is accepted, the driver will automatically receive turn-by-turn directions in the app, so the driver can focus on getting there safely.

GPS data is logged for every trip so we know when and where the driver going, which promotes accountability and encourages smart driving.

Pick-up & Drop-off

Driver Support

Rapid Response 

Our specially-trained incident response teams are available around the clock to handle any urgent safety concerns that arise. Along with routing and delivery instructions, our driver hotline can handle almost any question.